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    Those who live in Scotland or are planning a trip there can find a lot of information on Casino Scotland, which has all of the latest news as well as information on each of the land based casinos that you can find in the country. You can also read about online gambling, and the articles will tell you about everything from tournaments taking place in Scotland to VIP gambling trips which are available there to simple stories of local gamblers and big wins which bring more of a personality back into the idea of gambling, whether online or off.

    Behind the Betting Scenes

    One of the things that you might not ever have considered is what goes on behind the scenes of your favourite bookmakers. Of course, if you visit the venue such as the Gala Casino, Dundee you can see all of the croupiers doing their jobs and scurrying around to exchange chips and money, as well […]

    Huge Win After Small Bet

    We all dream of putting down a small bet and seeing a fortune come back to us. That is, after all, why we continue to visit online casinos or play at our local Dundee casinos, searching for a chance to hit the big-time once and for all. One lucky gambler has just done something that […]

    Choosing Lottery Numbers

    There is always more than one way to gamble, and while many people enjoy going down to venues such as the Soul Casino, Aberdeen, others just like to go for big prizes such as the lottery and see if they can become a millionaire through one single bet. Everyone enjoys different types of gaming, but […]

    Brand New Promotional Offers

    If you are looking for the chance to get your hands on some free cash, then we had some brand-new promotional offers for you here today. Rather than taking the time and spending the travel money to get down to the International Casino, Aberdeen, we invite you to enjoy some big prizes at some of […]

    Mike Tyson Becomes Ambassador

    Many casinos like to sign up big-name stars to help them advertise their casino as ambassadors, and the latest announcement from the 7Red online Casino certainly trumps anything that has ever been achieved by the Grosvenor Casino, Aberdeen. Demonstrating once again that online casinos always like to go a little bit further than their land-based […]

    New Terminator Slot Release

    If you are a fan of the Terminator series of movies, then you will absolutely be excited to hear about the new Quickfire game which Microgaming are releasing soon. The Terminator 2 Judgement Day slot machine game will be an online video slot, so there is no chance to play it at the Gala Casino, […]

    Bet365 Adds New Bonuses

    We always love to let you know about the latest offers which are available at bet 365 casino, because of the fact that they tend to be very generous indeed. There is no way that you could find any Aberdeen casinos which would give you offers like this, so if you want to know about […]

    PKR Ads Reveal Gameplay Features

    If you have been watching late-night television recently, then you may well have seen the adverts for the 3-D online poker brand PKR which have been running throughout the UK. They have been on the television since Boxing Day 2013, and a variety of mainstream channels, and the two adverts showcase a number of great […]

    Chinese Player Refuses Prize

    We always like to hear about quirky and interesting stories from the casino world in general, and this latest tale is something that would never be found at the Riverboat Casino in Glasgow or any of the venues that you are no doubt used to attending. This kind of story could only ever happen in […]

    New William Hill Releases

    If there is one site that we can always rely on to give is high quality games and the chance to win big, then it has to be William Hill. This has long been one of the most popular online casinos in the industry, so if you are looking for an alternative to the Princes […]

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